7 Oct 2018


If you follow me on Instagram you just might know I've been away to Rhodes this past week and if I am being perfectly honest my favourite part was the food because oh my god it was so damn good. 

My initial top tip which I hope you all know already is if there is someone outside the front simply hired to get you to go in shouting 'all the English love it here! We have burgers! We have pizza!' for god sake do not go in. I'm not saying the food will be gross and not edible but just please have a little look for the hidden gems first. 

My one true love when looking for little gems amongst the crap was Trip Advisor - of course it doesn't ensure a lovely meal but it sure does help you navigate through the endless amount of restaurants. So let's get into it - my top 2 places you need to go to in Rhodes.

1. Tamam

This restaurant is at the top of the list on Trip Advisor and my god there is a reason. If the delicious food isn't enough then it is the incredible service. With it being a family run restaurant - the dad and daughter out front and the mum cooking in the kitchen - you will not get this service elsewhere easily. Every night it becomes queued up with people waiting for a table in which you are greeted with a free glass of wine while you wait - BIG YES. I don't want to spoil the experience for anyone by doing a full run down - as personally I liked experiencing it for myself and not expecting anything. But yes this restaurant is incredible - so incredible we went there twice. So I really do urge you to go if you can.

2. Hosteria dei Cavalieri 

When I tell you this - again this restaurant is one where the owner is front of house serving - is up there for some of the best food I've ever eaten - I am not exaggerating. Just thinking about it makes me starving. The service here is very fitting to the environment of the small quaint courtyard in which we dined - with the owner being attentive to each table and ensuring the menu is explained. Again myself and my boyfriend went here twice because it was just the best food ever so please if you go here search out this little gem as it is divine.

The list could go on but I wanted to keep it short and sweet. But I'm not lying or exaggerating these really are the two best places we went to in Rhodes and I'm sure many others would agree!

Sophie xx


22 Sept 2018


My relationship with my phone has had its ups and downs. Sometimes we're joined by the hi...hand, other times I can easily go without checking it all day. I'm sure a lot of you are the same. What I find interesting is going from my first flip motorola when did it happen our phones weren't just a phone, but instead our life? All stored on a little device. 

Although my relationship has got to the point where I'm really not on it as much as I used to be - countless hours of procrastination in the library might be to blame for those endless hours on it? but it still remains my third arm - just slightly more detachable.

I'd well and truly be devastated if my phone got lost or stolen - thank god for iCloud so not all would be lost. Regardless though, I really would be upset/lost. Now, is that healthy?

Like I said, phones aren't just phones anymore, in fact the thing I do least on my phone is actually ring anyone. It's your music collection, your games, your connection point with social media, all your photos aka memories, and your conversations with your nearest and dearest (and co). In this digital age its your portal to just that.

The positive and negatives of this is clearly endless. Some people's relationship with their phone is probably the most committed relationship they've ever had. But in a world where AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a threat to jobs within banks, is it time to accept that phones are just a new limb?

I'd love to know your thoughts!

Sophie xx
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