26 Sep 2016


I'm back. Again.

After creating a habit of coming and going I'm going to try my best to break that and stick around. Along side my return to the blogger-sphere I figured I'd start a 'LIFE' series. In this series I'll chat about my latest doings and findings.
So what have I been doing?


I recently moved into a house with four of my girlfriends and have just started my second year. Going is the best decision I've ever made.


New York City
The Alps 
Going to NYC last year was incredible and will forever be one of my favourite places, my sister going again without me was painful. Earlier this year I also went to France skiing like me and my family do every year!


I also recently got a job at my local Topshop branch! So look forward to the endless outfit posts whilst I spend all of my money in there using my discount (when I should probably be buying food..).

So excited to start blogging again and hope your looking forward to it toooo, hope you all have a good week!

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