2 Jan 2017


Firstly, I want to a wish a big happy New Year to you all!
Now my assignments are all handed in and I actually have time to breathe, I figured why not spend some time focusing on my blog.

After ending 2016 with an amazing Christmas (which was made even better when I got the camera I'd be wanting forever! - some of my favourite pictures taken from the weekend below)

I think now 2016 is over, it's time to focus on what 2017 means for me, and many others.

As usual, a new year brings the saying "New Year, New Me" back into focus. Myself not being to good at sticking to the phrase past January, (I'm sure like many others) means I've decided to be a bit more realistic with myself a set an ideal 'wishlist' of what I wish 2017 will bring. 

  • The first on list being Hard Work. I know you're all thinking whoever would wish that upon themselves??! but in order for me to achieve a maybe wishful thinking, 1st class honours degree in a years time, hard work is necessary. Therefore, the first thing I want to continue into 2017 is a hard working work ethic.
  • The second is Fun. Alongside the hard work, I want 2017 to be a year of fun. I want to create as many hilarous memories as possible.
  • The third and final thing is Me. I wish 2017 to be a year where I do things for myself and not always just for others. To work on myself, in terms of fitness, health, skills and happiness.
I hope you've enjoyed my ramblings. Feel free to share you're 'wishlist' of 2017 with me in the comments.
I hope you have a lovely week!


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  1. lovely post Sophie!
    Chloe, xo | chloexo2015.blogspot.com


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