24 Aug 2018


Hello! Safe to say long time no see, which is a recurring theme? Let's try and change that. Anyhow, I hope you are all as well as I am. Since going AWOL - yet again...I've been to Mallorca as you can see. But anyway, more importantly to the & SO MUCH MORE. I want to come back to blogging by reviewing my last post, LIFE | 2018 as we're now over half way through the year, it'll be interesting to see what I've actually achieved.

1. Better friend - now this is still an ongoing improvement. I do make a ton more plans now than previously, with finishing uni and actually having some time for me. However, I could still be less lazy with my phone and pick it up to make some more plans. 

2. Graduate. Well I sure have gone and finished university but I don't graduate till October. However my final grade is in and I will be graduating with a first class honours so GO ME!

3. Be happier. Without consciously realising I am definitely happier than I was this time last year. And I am certainly not as moody or grumpy as before, with focusing on the positives in life more than the negatives (Reality check: I am still a sucker for a grump here and there - lets be real).

Here's a little explanation of my whereabouts (for those few possibly interested). My final year at university was stressful so I had to take a step away from blogging so I actually did my university work which, in the long run, paid off seeing as I'm now graduating with a First. After uni, I went into working full time hours and found every excuse under the sun not to get my arse into gear and start posting again. But here I am. Another more controversial and topical reason for why I took a step back will be in my next blog post!

So yeah, I'm back. Keep your eyes peeled!

Sophie xx


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