1 Sep 2018


I personally believe there is a very fine line between needing and wanting something. A line which is actually very blurred. Unless you sit and think about it, you really can't easily decipher whether seeing your favourite blogger in that dress you've been eyeing up is in fact a need, or just a matter of want?

One of a few reasons my blogging took a halt these past months is due to the never ending consumerism blogging enables. Now it's clearly down to the self control of the person (spoiler alert: I had none). Simply being involved within the blogging community and just being on social media makes you deep down want the latest trends yet in reality you fully feel as though you need them. This for me meant I needed to take a step back, with my student budget not quite covering all my rent, life and an unnecessary amount of clothes I apparently needed to then only wear in a blog post and never make use of again. It was time my wardrobe stopped growing.

Living in this age of endless obsessive consumerism is hard. Scrolling through Instagram often leads me to scrolling through ASOS or Topshop, bringing me to my next item of clothing I apparently need when trying to justify why I'm even considering getting another jacket when I don't wear the ones I have now. 

Now don't get me wrong *reality check* I do not have the greatest willpower, I am still fairly impulsive with buying clothes and I still spends hours online putting things into my basket (only now I have to have a stern word and make myself exit the tab or app before I press 'continue to check out'). 

It's not easy but since actually thinking whether I need this or want this it makes a difference in my consumerism. FYI I am all for treating yourself and indulging in things you want - just personally for me not at the obsessive rate blogging encourages with fast fashion and trends coming and going like buses. 

So, to round up this little ramble, my honest thoughts on the obsessive consumerism blogging (for me) enabled isn't all that positive and once you take a step back and really consider if you need that dress of want that dress, you might just find you buy one or two dresses' less. 

Sophie xx


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