15 Sep 2018


September is here yet again, and for the first time in three years, it's the first time I won't be going back to any sort of education and most importantly, university. 

I know this post is titled 'tips for getting through that third and final year' but this is also relatable to those few hard working freshers or the people who have suddenly realised year two actually partly counts towards your final grade.

Whilst university really wasn't the hardest time of my life. With year one and two being filled with drinking, having fun and socialising. The workload side of it really can be daunting and not so fun. Naturally though...drinking your weight in beer is going to be a lot more fun than drinking your weight in tea at the library.

Now that I'm some sort of survivor of uni and soon to be graduating I feel have a few little tips to share.

TIP ONE - JUST DO IT. No, I'm not talking about Nike, but they do have a point, just do it. Just open up your laptop and a word document and type. I spent far too long worrying that what I first put onto a page had to perfection, which just made me not type at all. SO, just do it, type away and get into the assignment and communicate with your tutor. This is the only way your word count is going to go down. *I know this sounds ridiculous*. But honestly, getting started is the hardest part so JUST DO IT.

TIP TWO - FIND YOUR PLACE. The best way to get some serious work done is to find your place, the place that you work the best and most. You learn the hard way with this one and with experience you will know if working in your room with a TV, iPad etc. surrounding you is the best or if going to the library away from so many distractions is for you. For me it was the library, so I went pretty much everyday and I am so thankful for it (reality check: at the time I hated it).

TIP THREE - PRIORITISE AND PLAN. I'm a bit of an organiser, I like to know what I'm doing when so when the workload was a little bit full on I would simply prioritise and plan. My priorities in my third year was learning from past mistakes when it came to my work (*COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TUTORS ALL. THE. TIME. EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT*) and working hard to get a First Class. With this, my social life pretty much died I will admit but I look back and my first and second year were incredible so I had my share of fun *no regrets*. The library was my second home. When it came to planning, I think it's so important to figure out your word count and get organised so you have goals and targets to reach every day and week. E.G. write 600 words today. Simple as that. In every notebook of mine scribbles of goals and word counts would be all over the place and that is really what motivated me.

So there we have it, my top three tips for getting through that third and final year. A little bonus tip for you all is to also remember to have FUN. Although for me uni work was my upmost priority it's still so important to let off steam once in a while, have a few days of when needed etc and to not feel guilty for doing that as trust me, you deserve it.

Sophie xx


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  1. Good tips! And I really like this cute denim look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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