22 Jun 2017


Hello all! 

The other day I decided to change up my room up a bit so automatically looked at Pinterest to get some inspiration which worked a treat. On the downside it made me want to buy a large amount of homeware I both don't have the money or space for in my box of a uni room. So I went on the hunt to find 'pinterest worthy' homeware on the cheap.

This lead me to places like New Look, Primark, Wilko and charity shops. With having a wall size tapestry up in my room which is very 'bohemian' and just a general brown theme in my room I wanted to incorporate that with the stuff I was buying. So firstly I found the amazing little trinket plate from Wilko which cost £2 and was perfect for the endless amount of rings floating about my room. Wanting an actual cactus and thus far having no luck in finding one in Cambridge city centre I went for the gold potted faux plant from Primark for £2, which for now adds a hint of homeliness to my bedside table. My favourite feature is the jar with the fairy lights in, which I'm slightly obsessed with...I went out knowing I wanted to find a vase type object to achieve this look but didn't think I'd find a jar/vase that would work but this one from my local Oxfam which cost £1.99 was perfect, the cork just adding to the look. The copper fairy lights are also from Primark and cost £4 which I don't think is out of the way. 

Lastly, is the 'photo rope' which is from Wilko and cost £1.50 (bargain much?!) and with it comes the string with gold pins and mini wooden pegs. This is hung just above my bedside table, making the corner of my room have a less empty feel. The photos I chose are just some of my current favourites I've taken which I edited to be in polaroid frames and printed them out.Overall, I love it, it was inexpensive and once again adds a very homely pinterest feel to my room.

So there we have it, ways to make your room just that little bit more Pinterest worthy!

Hope you enjoyed!


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