29 Aug 2017


It's 2017 and if we're being real everyone struggles to disconnect from the internet. For it's our lives and it's what we do with our time. How on earth do we fill the void of looking at our phones? Can we?

I think with checking social media being a very routine thing to do, which we do all day long, it now seems strange and slightly impossible to disconnnect from it. When I say that, I mean have a day, a week, a month, with none of it, don't have a peep at Instagram, don't refresh that Twitter feed (a hundred times waiting for something new) and don't bother watching the never-ending reel of snapchat and insta stories. 

I know not every young adult falls into this obsessive and maybe even slightly concerning behaviour but for the majority, we're all guilty. And I feel as though the line between whether thats a good or bad thing is a very fine one. Now I'm not here to discuss the devil that can be social media or the fact that it can do the world of good, but the near impossibility that is us being able to disconnect from it.

What got me thinking was, through the pressures of blogging and repeatedly hearing how crucial it is to Instagram once a day, engage with accounts through liking and commenting, post regularly on your blog, promote that post every hour!! etc etc it got to the point that I couldn't face it. For example, I obsess over my Instagram as it is so to have enough content in which I actually like and want to post as well as ensuring it looks good turned an app that I enjoy to a daily stress. 

So the other day, I disconnected entirely. It was actually a day in which I planned to post on my blog, as I was going on a post every three days schedule which left me feeling guilty. However, I had it, I couldn't face being online, I didn't want to look at anything. Nor did I want to spend my day on my phone which I feel happens whenever I post. 

So, that day turned into a four days not really even thinking about my blog, I posted but I wasn't feeling it. And in hindsight I needed time out, the pressure to always be online to be noticed can easily get too much which is why I think it's so important to disconnect once in a while, and not worry about the consequences of doing so. 

I see so many (amazing) bloggers whom are constantly online and I give them credit because I can't do it, whilst I love blogging and everything that comes with it, the pressure can very much take it out of you and be overall uninspiring. So, I can't help but wonder if anyone else feels the struggle that is disconnecting, whether it be for just a day or a week.

If you made it this far well done and thanks for reading! If you have any opinion yourself feel free to let me know!

Till next time xx


  1. I definitely get those feelings too when I'm online a lot in the day! I tend to prioritise having at least an hour throughout the evening where I can leave my phone in another place xxx


    1. Yeah it becomes so natural in your day to day life as well you don't even realise your constantly on your phone! That's a really good idea I might have to try it! x

  2. I loved reading this post, I have just been out of blogging and all social media for 3 months now and i loved it, albeit i did miss it quite a bit I have really re charged my batteries. This is the first post i have read since coming back and I am so glad it is to give me that reminder not to go 100% again right away and ensure i take the time out of social media now and again.

    Love it :)


    1. Thank you! Yes something I wish I remembered when I got back into it! xx

  3. I really do get those feelings sometimes, especially because it can be overwhelming keeping up with your instagram and scheduling tweets, and posting regularly. I do often have weekends off, and sometimes having an activity helps you just relax or gives you something to look forward to xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. Yeah definitely I struggle to keep up and whilst working full time I've had to cut how many posts I have up a week as I just find I have no down time! xx


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