5 Aug 2017


Hello all! 

So today's post is all about confidence (if you hadn't figured by the title...). For me confidence was never a thing that I had, I knew that and accepted it. I think it wasn't till just before I went to uni that I actually began to feel 'confident' - thank god.  

Confidence for different people can mean different things and therefore defined by different things. For me confidence is positive feelings towards myself, my body and mainly a belief within yourself, which in turn makes me more 'able' to do more things.

I feel as though when you're a teenager it's pretty much you have it or you don't. Personally my almost non existent self-esteem meant I wasn't the most confident at all. I wasn't a shy person and I could put up a good front of being 'confident' but in reality I realllllly wasn't. 

Obviously I can't tell anyone how to be confident so instead I've nailed my 3 top tips for gaining it.

  • BE YOURSELF. I don't think I can stress this enough, when going through high school, sixth form etc it's pretty easy to not be, for me this wasn't ever a problem but it always took me a while to be my normal chatty myself around people. Now? I will talk to anyone and everyone. I can honestly say that working on your self esteem (remembering you are greater than you think) is key. 
  • BEAWARE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. The biggest reason my confidence grew was because of going to uni which clearly throws anyone out of their comfort zone. To be honest before going I hadn't realised just how comfortable I was in my 'comfort zone' with things constantly being the same and no change whatsoever. So I think a big tip to grow your confidence is to beware of your comfort zone and make yourself leave it time to time, for if theres anyway to grow as a person this is one of them.
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. How cringe worthy right? but it at the end of the day it's true. I can't put my finger on what made me not believe in myself for so many years, but looking back now I think that believing in yourself, accepting compliments, thinking you can do something that you've always said you can't - whether that be a presentation in front of your class or a group interview for a job. I think to find yourself you have to believe in yourself, and then the self-esteem and confidence comes with it. A key part to believing in yourself is to also not care what others think, like now when I'm out taking photos for my blog I literally couldn't give a toss who's watching and who's not. Not caring so much about other peoples opinion, whether it's your best friend or your nan is very freeing and allows you to do you.

So there we have my top 3 tips. Obviously I'm no professional and this is just based on my personal experience of having no confidence to feeling confident. Also, I'm not even the most confident person as of yet, whilst I'm a helllll of a lot closer than ever before I've still got a way to go.

Thanks for reading xx


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