22 Aug 2017


University. A word that either feels people with dread, or excitement, or maybe even a bit of both.

If you've applied to go to Uni and have just received your results you're probably feeling a definite mix of emotions. For me I always knew I wanted to go so didn't think a single thing about it until moving day. Moving day? I was filled with dread, nerves beyond belief and a sudden desire to never leave home. However, fast forward two years and it's the best decision I've made in my 20 years.

So how did I survive? For those who aren't like me and actually want to read something that might just help ease the nerves or get you more excited. This ones for you.



Go with pretty much everything you need so once you get there you can just move in and relax, and focus on socialising rather than getting that last minute duvet cover from Dunelm before they close. To help with this I made a long long list of everything I need, looking back there was a lot of things on that list I don't think I've used in my two years but hey at least I've got third year to try. You can easily find really helpful ones online everywhere, some uni accommodation actually supply them too!

Another way to prepare is to get on Facebook and join your accommodation Facebook page and put the most cringey post which everyone does of 'Hey I'm Sophie, I'm going to be studying Marketing and I live in room...'. Trust me I did not want too by far one of the most cringey things but it works and for me I found my best friend who lived 3 doors down from me (yes, it's you Katherine). 



This applies for before you go and when you get there. Me and Kat spoke a little before we moved in on Facebook which made moving that little bit less scary.

Another tip to learn here is not to worry about if how the people come across on their Facebook doesn't seem like ya cuppa t cus in my case, Kat was worrying we weren't gunna get along and two years later we're the bestest of friends and I actually wouldn't know what I'd do without her. As well as accommodation, you can find people on your course from going on your uni's freshers page and finding or writing another cringe post.

Naturally that type of socialising is a tad easier, with not actually being in the same room as them but I think whether your the most confident person or not when you initially move in there is nerves coming from everyone, cus really until you find someone you click with it can be lonely. For me it didn't take long with Kat making friends before I got there I tagged along, the rest being history. Important note to remember here every single one of you are in the same boat.



Although the first two weeks are undoubtedly the hardest, with home sickness not ever seeming to go and tears also being a common thing. It's very important to remember that because for most of us the first 18 years of our lives everything has been the same, the same kids at school, the same group of friends, your best friends living 5 minutes away. Suddenly, your best friend has moved away themselves, or still at home and your mum isn't there to cook you dinner and it's all a lil' strange.

What you're facing is change and personally it's one of the best changes I've had, with Cambridge now feeling like home to me, with having found some of the best humans about from moving there (and yes, Harry, you're on the top of that list, cus if it weren't for you who else would make me laugh so much??)

So I think the biggest tip I can give is to relax, so the people you thought you would get a long with at first really turn out to not be your type of people, or you make a mistake, after time you'll find your feet and naturally find your type of people but in the meantime it's important to relax and enjoy yourself however you do, whether it's going to every event or hanging out in your kitchen with flatmates till late hours nothing at uni is scarier than the first two weeks. So just make the most of it.

I just wanna say obviously this post is very much based on my own experience, for me two weeks is all it took me to settle but I know for others it can take longer or even shorter. Regardless of the time factor I wanted to make this post for those going to uni and petrified or even those who aren't going and wanna read how others survive moving away. 

Soooo, to round this post that's ended up lengthy I'll probably be doing more of these sort of posts creating a lil' 'uni' series. So keep an eye out and if there's any specific uni related topics you want me to discuss feel free to comment.

Till next time x 


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